New trackable First Class Shipping Option available!


New trackable First Class Shipping Option available!

Have you ever placed an order for coupons and been on the edge of your seat for days wondering if it will turn up in time for your sale?  We hear you loud and clear!  We realize first hand how frustrating first class mail can be.  When we turn your first class stamped envelope over to the post office, it disappears into a “black hole” until it turns up in your mailbox, with no way to track it.

Until now, the only other option was to spend in excess of $5.00 for a Priority Mail Envelope, or even more for the pricey Express Mail Option, which were the only two shipping methods available that would allow you to track your order through the postal system.  Otherwise, your order shipped via a first class mail envelope, which is the same concept as placing a postage stamp on a greeting card to send to a friend and expecting to know where it is and exactly when it will arrive.

To better serve your needs, we’ve now added an option to ship your clipped coupons via a first class mail package, which includes tracking capabilities by the United States Postal Service.  This option is available for orders of clipped coupons only. For a flat fee of $3.10, we’ll ship your coupons as a first class package, in a special mailer, and provide you with a tracking number.  Whether you order 10 coupons or 1,000, the fee is the same and will not increase based on the size of your order!

Just a note that we do not make any profit on this shipping fee.  It covers the cost of the postage, the mailer, the internal envelope, the label, and depending on the weight of your order, if there are a few cents left it may help to defray part of the PayPal fee we pay on the postage charge (yes, we have to pay PayPal fees on postage, too!).

We’ve been testing this shipping method with a few larger orders over the last several months, and while the post office estimates basically the same transit times as a regular first class stamped envelope, it has been our perception that they are handling these packages just a tad quicker and/or giving them a little more priority than a regular first class envelope.

free shippingOf course, we still offer FREE first class shipping on clipped coupon orders of $15.00 or more.  These ship via a regular first class stamped envelope with no tracking capabilities, unless the order is too large or bulky to fit, and we make that determination on a case by case basis.  On orders of $15.00 or more, you do have the option to upgrade to the trackable first class shipping option if you’d like to be able to follow your order on its way to you.

You’ll see the new option on the “Shipping” screen on step 1 of the checkout process.  All you need to do is select the option, check out, and we’ll take care of the rest!

At the Coupon Carry-Out Coupon Clipping Service, we’re always pioneering new ways to save our customers even more time and money!  Stay tuned for more exciting news on the “shipping front” coming soon to a theater near you!

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